News & Events
CES Asia 2018
13 Jun 2018
International ICT Expo 2018
13 Apr 2018
The 79th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF Spring 2018)
11 Apr 2018
HKUST Researchers Develop First Innovative Fusion-based Location Sensing Technology to Shape a Smart City
13 Feb 2018
HKUST Researchers Discover Fitness Landscape of HIV Envelope Protein That May Help Vaccine Development
07 Feb 2018
HKUST Scientists Reveal How Human Brains Keep Balance
25 Jan 2018
HKUST TSSSU Start-ups have gathering with Walter Kwok Foundation
18 Jan 2018
First HKUST Scholar Wins Top Prize of State Natural Science Award for Outstanding Achievements in Aggregation-induced Emission (AIE)
08 Jan 2018
HKUST Receives Donation from Dr Lau Wah Sum to Support Chinese Medicine Research to Overcome Abuse of Antibiotics on Fish and Livestock
28 Dec 2017
HKUST Establishes Joint Lab on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision with Face++
14 Dec 2017
Awards-winning HKUST Neuroscientist Discovers Mechanism of Schizophrenia
12 Dec 2017
The 7th Edition of Business of Intellectual Property Asia Forum (BIP Asia) - IP & Innovation: Propelling Change, Growth and Connectivity
07 Dec 2017
Patient-Friendly Glaucoma Diagnosis
Thermomechanical Thrombectomy Device
Advanced Photocatalyst
Reinforcement for Cement
Sensor for Fire Detection
Protein-Triggered Fluorescent Turn-on Probes
High Speed and Low Power On-Chip Optical Interconnects