News & Events
CES Asia 2018
13 Jun 2018
International ICT Expo 2018
13 Apr 2018
The 79th China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF Spring 2018)
11 Apr 2018
Startup Launchpad 2018 – Consumer Electronics
11 Apr 2018
Challenges in Patenting FinTech, IoT and Blockchain Inventions
22 Mar 2018
MakeITHongKong3-2-1 Go!
21 Mar 2018
The Startup "Make or Break" Series
09 Mar 2018
HKUST Hosts Women in Innovation Forum “Challenges vs Chances” to Celebrate International Women’s Day
07 Mar 2018
HKUST Researchers Identify Irreversible Adverse Effects of Microbeads on Marine Animals’ Growth and Development
05 Mar 2018
HKUST Researchers Develop First Innovative Fusion-based Location Sensing Technology to Shape a Smart City
13 Feb 2018
HKUST Researchers Discover Fitness Landscape of HIV Envelope Protein That May Help Vaccine Development
07 Feb 2018
HKUST Scientists Reveal How Human Brains Keep Balance
25 Jan 2018
Optically Rewritable Liquid Crystal E-paper
Self-Humidifying Fuel Cell
A New Way to Diagnose Cervical Cancer
Indicator and Stabilizer of Insulin
PiCode — Towards an Ideal Picture-Barcode Integration
On Site Hydration Monitoring and Damage Detection System for Concrete
Super Absorber for Sound