List of PCF Funded Projects
  1. Thermochromic Smart Window
  2. Self-Humidifying Fuel Cell
  3. On Site Hydration Monitoring and Damage Detection System for Concrete
  4. High Efficiency Wastewater Treatment Using Membrane
  5. Inorganic Gel for Controlled Releasing of Fragrance and Disinfectant
  6. Giant Electrorheological Fluids
  7. Super Absorber for Sound
  8. Aggregation-Induced Emission Technology Commercialization
    (1) Fluorescent Bioprobes for Cell Imaging
    (2) Protein-Triggered Fluorescent Turn-on Probes
  9. Converting E-waste into Adsorbents for Wastewater Treatment
  10. Heavy Metal Recovery from Wastewater
  11. Flexible Nano-Thin Film Solar Cells
  12. To Develop a High Performance Low Core Loss Soft Magnetic Composite (SMC) Materials for Motor Applications
  1. A Dynamic Pricing System for E-Commerce
  2. Approximate Join Query Processing in Relational Databases
  3. Robot-Assisted Wireless Channel Measurement Platform