News & Events
TERA-Award Competition
30 Jul 2021
Webinar - AI & Robotics Industrial Transformation
29 Jul 2021
Training for Management of Trade Secrets in the University
30 Jun 2021
Inside Venture Capital: VC Workshop
15 Jun 2021
What HKUST Researchers Need to Know about Patents
02 Jun 2021
HKSI & HKUST Join Hands to Enhance Performance of Cycling Team
23 Apr 2021
HKUST Develops More Efficient Disinfection Method with Ultraviolet LED
28 Mar 2021
How to Make a Better Invention Disclosure
18 Mar 2021
Strengthen Your Brain with Chinese Herbs to Prevent Alzheimer’s
30 Dec 2020
HKUST Receives HK$80 Million Donation from Yuexiu Group to Support the University’s Development
23 Dec 2020
Ocean Science Limited won the top10 in the One-Million-Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2020 (Chinese Only)
23 Dec 2020
HKUST Researchers Develop the World’s Strongest Polymer Nanomembrane
21 Dec 2020
Flexible Nano-Thin Film Solar Cells
Hybrid Buck Converter with Auxiliary Linear Regulators for Fast Transient Responses
Novel multitouch interfaces for 3D Object Manipulation
Inorganic Gel for Controlled Releasing of Fragrance and Disinfectant
Novel Lightweight Aluminium Composites with Outstanding Mechanical Properties
Photoalignment of Liquid Crystalline Materials
New Light Disinfection Technology Using High-Intensity Narrow-Wavelength Light Sources