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How to Make a Better Invention Disclosure
18 Mar 2021
Strengthen Your Brain with Chinese Herbs to Prevent Alzheimer’s
30 Dec 2020
HKUST Receives HK$80 Million Donation from Yuexiu Group to Support the University’s Development
23 Dec 2020
Ocean Science Limited won the top10 in the One-Million-Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition 2020 (Chinese Only)
23 Dec 2020
HKUST Researchers Develop the World’s Strongest Polymer Nanomembrane
21 Dec 2020
HKUST Receives HK$20 Million from Mr. Andy Fei Chi-En in Support of the University’s Innovation & Technology Research and Education Development
16 Dec 2020
The HKUST Entrepreneurship Fund Helps Technology Start-ups
04 Dec 2020
Business of IP Asia Forum 2020
03 Dec 2020
FREE Teaser of Business IP Asia Forum
03 Dec 2020
What Do Tests for Fertility And COVID-19 Have in Common?
23 Nov 2020
Prof. CHEN Kai Designs Next-Generation AI Computing Hub and Sets New Paradigm
17 Nov 2020
The “Design Come True” Experience of Developing Antimicrobial Hand Cream
27 Oct 2020
Thermochromic Smart Window
Advanced Photocatalyst
Novel Eye Drug Delivery System
Indicator and Stabilizer of Insulin
LEDoS Micro-displays for Wearable Electronics Applications
Tilejunction: Wi-Fi Indoor Localisation Based on Junction of Signal Tiles
Ultrastrong Porous GP Nano-Membranes