HKUST Startup Wins IET Innovation Award 2016 for its Breakthrough Healthcare Technology
IET Innovation Award 2016 was hosted in the UK and is one of the most honorable awards amongst the engineering society. As a young HKUST startup, Sonikure Technology Limited has gained another global recognition in this fierce competition with other well-established companies.
Retinal diseases are commonly treated with invasive needle injection in the eyeball which is deemed to be high risk by doctors and high cost by medical institutes. The award-winning low energy ultrasonic technology for non-invasive and needleless ocular drug delivery, a result of more than 8 years of research, offers a revolutionary drug-delivery experience for retinal disease patients worldwide.
The judging panel commented: “This innovation provides relief and a truly revolutionary drug-delivery methodology for millions of retinal disease sufferers world-wide. This product, based around the use of non-invasive ultrasound, combines a neat technological innovation with biomedical engineering expertise.”