HKUST Startups join the Startup Launchpad 2017– Mobile Electronic Show

The Startup Launchpad 2017– Mobile Electronic Show was held on 18-21April. 3 Startups from the HKUST participated in the exhibition to showcase their technologies and products.

The following HKUST Startups joined the Startup Launchpad 2017: EMOS Technologies Inc., eTron Electronic Materials (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd, Pear Limited. Pear Limited had a presentation at the pitching session to pitch their products and ideas.  

The Global Sources Electronics is the world’s biggest electronics sourcing show and its second phase, Mobile Electronics, including 2,700 booths with the focus on smartphones & tablets, mobile VR/AR, wearable devices and mobile accessories. The show features the most in-demand electronics products and showcases the latest emerging technology and market trends. One of the highlights of the show is the Startup Lauchpad which consists of a conference track and trade-show pavilion, aiming to offer a chance for buyers to see the latest innovations and be first to market with shelf-ready products.

Startup Launchpad 2017– Mobile Electronic Show

Snapshot of the booths of HKUST Startups