The Technology Transfer Center hosts an Intellectual Property Seminar “Eureka!! I Have a New Invention. Now What?”

The Technology Transfer Center (TTC) hosted an Intellectual Property (IP) Seminar “Eureka!! I Have a New Invention. Now What?” on 15 September 2017 at the Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall. The seminar featured Mr. Joshua B. Goldberg and Mr. Jerald L. Meyer, the Co-Managing Partners in the law firm Nath, Goldberg & Meyer in the US.

In the seminar, Mr. Goldberg and Mr. Meyer gave a brief introduction of various types of IP, including Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Designs, Plant Patents and Trade Secret and proposed the best IP protection strategy with respect to the different nature of inventions. After giving a big picture of IP, they then further introduced Patents and discussed patent filing and prosecution strategies. The intersection of patents with other IP protections has also been addressed in the seminar. Mr. Meyer concluded the seminar by giving tips on how to increase the value of an invention.

The response to the seminar was overwhelming by drawing an audience of 170 postgraduate and undergraduate students, staff and faculty members from 20 department and units. The audience was particularly interested in the introduction of types of IP and actively interacted with the speakers on the topic. According to the online seminar evaluation survey taken by the participants, the overall rating of the seminar is around 4 out of 5, stating that the content of the seminar was helpful and repetition of the seminar was recommended to other HKUST community members.

TTC has been hosting the IP Seminar Series since 2000 to disseminate updated IP information and knowledge to HKUST community members.  The series has hosted 45 seminars and attracted more than 2500 participants so far.

Presentation material of the seminar is now available on the TTC website:

Mr. Goldberg and Mr. Meyer delivered the seminar "“Eureka!! I Have a New Invention. Now What?” at Tsang Shiu Tim Art Hall.

The seminar attracted about 170 audience.